TMJ: How To Tell If You Have It?

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TMJ. In order to help with this, our team has put together a list of the signs of TMJ. If you have two or more of these symptoms, it is likely that your pain stems from TMJ and not another source.

The Signs

  1. Pain: This one is obvious, but we’re not just referring to headaches and jaw pain. Ear pain, neck pain, and pain while chewing are also symptoms of this condition.
  2. Jaw Stiffness: If you have a hard time opening and closing your jaw, we recommend immediate treatment. While pain is common with other conditions, jaw stiffness is rare, and most likely a symptom of TMJ.
  3. Tired Facial Muscles: This can be harder to ascertain, but if you’re face feels like its holding up the weight of the world, here’s a hint – it shouldn’t! Visit us immediately.
  4. Popping or Clicking in the Jaw: Weird sounds in your jaw can be a real sign that something is wrong.

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